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Pat Walls

I owe these guys my life. Already used their landing page templates for my latest two projects.

Abdellatif Abdelfattah

These are some of the coolest landing page templates I've seen.

Added @pacovitiello and @davidepacilio to the list of my favorite people of all time. Ty for your work.

Ömer Akyürek

Stop searching for other templates and start using it now. Cruip is a game changer.


Time is the most precious thing you have when bootstrapping. You can't take time to ponder on design a lot, but luckily can use a landing page from, and make a killer first impression.

Euros Evans

Cruip is great! It helps startups concentrate on hard stuff like traction and knocking on doors with beautiful landing page templates.

Joey Tawadrous

Cruip has been such a great tool to help me quickly develop three landing pages for my latest projects.

These templates are absolutely stunning and some of the best I have ever seen.


Thanks to @pacovitiello and @davidepacilio for the new site design! Loaded their amazing template into @jekyllrb and a short while later I got a new, and much more professional landing page.


I used to spend so much time creating landing pages for my products. @Cruip_com has provided me with some amazing templates, and it makes customizing the page super simple.

Florent CLANET

Some people tend to use a WordPress theme just to build a simple landing page. What's the need of using a CMS, when you can easily customise a beautiful HTML template from @Cruip_com? I am also amazed by the quality of code provided 🔥

Frequently asked questions

  • How does the PRO plan work?

    Cruip PRO gives you access to all premium templates available on the gallery, 1-year access to any new templates we'll release, and premium support.

  • Does the PRO plan renew automatically?

    ​​Cruip PRO isn't a subscription-based product, so it doesn't renew automatically at the end of the billing period.

  • What happens after the 1-year access expires?

    ​​When your PRO plan expires you'll no longer have access to premium templates and perks, but you can keep using anything you download forever.

  • What is the difference between a free and premium template?

    ​​The main difference between a free and premium template, it's that the latter includes an extended number of pages and components, React, Vue.js, and Sketch versions, and is much more customisable than a free one.

  • How does the premium support work?

    The premium support gives you directions and suggestions on how to use the product as advertised. Please note that the support doesn't cover complex customisation requests or step-by-step directions for non-technical people.

  • How many new premium templates will you develop?

    ​​Our aim is to develop a new premium template every month.

  • If I'm not happy with my PRO plan, can I get a refund?

    ​​Due to the nature of our digital goods, refunds are issued on a very discretionary basis! If you would like to request a refund please have a look at our list of Acceptable Reasons For Refund, or contact us directly if you've any of questions.

  • Are you planning to add new perks for PRO members?

    Yes, we are constantly working to make the PRO experience more valuable for our customers. We’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve any suggestions.

  • Can I buy just a single template?

    Our PRO plan costs almost the same as a single template purchased from another marketplace. This is why we’re not selling individual resources at the moment.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept purchases via PayPal and all major debit/credit cards.

Become PRO for $69

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*Value added tax (VAT) may apply.