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Purchased templates & Unlimited Access

  • Yes! You can use the templates in both commercial and client projects.
  • ​​You can use the templates to create as many projects as you want without having to worry about limits or restrictions. In other words, you can create an unlimited number of projects using the same template/license.
  • We plan to release a new template every 2/3 months!
  • Landing pages, websites, and dashboards built on top of Tailwind CSS.
  • The support gives you directions/suggestions on how to use the product as advertised. Please note that the support doesn't cover complex customisation requests or step-by-step directions for non-technical people.
  • ​​Due to the nature of our digital goods, refunds are issued on a very discretionary basis! If you would like to learn more about our refund policy please have a look at our list of Acceptable Reasons For Refund, or contact us directly if you’ve any questions.

General & License

  • No, you cannot host, redistribute, or resell any template from Cruip.com. For more information about our license, please have a look at our list of Rights and Prohibitions, or contact us directly if you've questions.
  • ​​You should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to install and customise a template.
  • Yes! You can use the free templates in both commercial and client projects.
  • We don't require any attributions. Precisely, you don't need to credit Cruip or linking back to us if you use any template for your commercial or client projects.
  • ​​There is no version of our templates available for WordPress or Shopify at the moment. If you want to use one of our products in WordPress/Shopify you might need to slice the HTML template and build a WordPress/Shopify theme.