Laurel HTML template


Laurel is a free and beautiful HTML landing page template for startups.


Laurel is the first Cruip landing page designed and developed for mobile app startups! It comes with different pre-built sections, like a fully-illustrated hero, features list, and a bottom input-form to collect users emails and feedback.

This template is ideal for mobile-based products, but it can be easily customizable for different needs and purposes, such as a web-oriented project.


Laurel falls under the “pre-launch” category. What’s a landing page category on

In order to cover different startup needs, all the templates have been divided into 4 different categories. Specifically:

  • Validation: A startup that is validating a business or product idea.
  • Pre-launch: A startup that is acquiring early adopters and feedback before the launch.
  • Beta: A startup that has pre-released a product/software for alpha testing and early adopters.
  • Startups: An established startup with an operative online presence.


  • Fully responsive design
  • Custom illustrations/iconography + Facebook Design (iPhone mockup)
  • Reveal animations
  • Sass files included
  • NPM scripts as build tool
  • package.json sample file included
  • Pre-built HTML elements