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HTML templates

Tailwind CSS

Unzip and open the folder of the HTML template with your favourite editor (I am using VSCode).‌

The HTML template is shipped with a pre-compiled CSS file. You can use the Tailwind CLI tool if you need to make changes to the template, and need to re-compile the the CSS. To do that, just follow the stems below:

  • First, ensure that node.js & npm are both installed. If not, choose your OS and installation method from this page and follow the instructions.
  • Next, use your command line to enter your project directory.
  • This template comes with a ready-to-use package file called package.json. You just need to run npm install to install all of the dependencies into your project.
  • When npm has finished with the install, run npm run build to recompile the style.css file in the root directory.

You’re ready to go! The most useful task for rapid development is npm run dev, which rebuild the CSS every time you make a change in the HTML or JS files.

Last updated on July 19, 2022